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1 What is ?

GAADIHAI.COM is online broking platform for transport industry. Truck owner can offer their vehicles online at the desired rates, Inerested transport companies can choose between and as per their requirments at the rates suitable to them. It uses seamless technology to make the transactions fast, Transperent and at a very low cost with full reliability.

2 How GAADIHAI.COM works?

It is simple, Transport company in need of the vehicles needs to post their requirment on the portal or through app. it will be displayed/relayed to the nearest available vehicles, who in turn bids for the load and depending upon suitability of the rate, Transport Company can book the vehicles. Registered Users / First time users can call our help center to avail services.

3 How it will help transporters, Truck Owners in their business?

GAADIHAI.COM like a physical market of transportation services, but on a larger scale and a single destination for all type of vehicle needs. Transport Companies will have a wide range of suppliers to choose from at competitive rates, whereas truck owners will have increase outreach to the customer in a fully transperent mechanism.

4 How to post a load?

You can post load from your registered account, Click on the post load link and fill the required details and enter. You will start receiving Quotes directly from the truck owners instantly.

5 How to Quote for the load.?

You can Quote for the load appearing in your account, we suggest you to post rates as per prevelling market to increase your chance of winning the load. (If you are not getting enough leads, please call our helpline number to improve your leads.

6 In which geographies operate ?

We operate throughout India, All Transport companies requiring trucks in any part of India can register with us and can book vehicles for their all India requirment.similarly truck owners in any part of India can register their vehicles with us and increase business. Many of the locations are supported by our physical presence.

For any other queries, please call on +91-9967678511 , else you can mail us at support@GAADIHAI.COM, We would love to hear from you.

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About Us is an online truck broking company that provides truck availability all over India with comparative quotes right into your mobiles.
Built with an industry knowledge of more than 20 years, answers the day to day problems of transporters in simple clicks.

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